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About us

Bolanature World is an indigenous group. The Group has built a solid track record in the Nigerian business environment which is naturally efficiently organized.

We are committed to delivering natural solutions from nature’s goodness. From free gift of nature and backed by science and technology we produces Personal care products, practicing Agribusiness for capacity building and to feed the world’s growing population thereby enriching lives of its customers in natural ways.

Bolanature products provide the finest natural ingredients to help you achieve optimal health and well-being. We offer natural and safe products to all at affordable price.

Our Vision

Bolanature’s vision is to be the most reliable natural consumer brand in the world in terms of our natural products, services and practices.

Our Mission

Our mission is to enrich the lives of our consumers by producing quality & natural products and best business opportunities to create sustainability.

Quality Policy

We are committed to Quality manufacturing with products that provide the finest natural ingredients to help you achieve optimal health and well-being.

About Us

We are experienced in making healthy and personal care products since 2017 and we are constantly broadening our knowledge and aims to increase the range of our product offering. Our extensive background in Agriculture, conservation, stock exchange, research, customer relation and SDGs mindset helps us to serve our customers even better.

We not only sell readymade products, but also engage in agribusiness and supply agricultural produce and products for the industries, organizations or individuals on request. Some of our bio-materials are gotten from the rural organic farmers, so as to encourage and support them thereby eradicate poverty and render healthy service to our customers. Customer suggestions are welcome because we are geared to accommodating a priority customer based demand.


All the products are eco-friendly and they are produced cruelty free and no animals are harmed. We want to be sure that our products are safe on humans, so our products are rigorously assessed and time-tested. As a company with natural products, we also help our environment by recycling.

Bolanature has talented team working with us to grow our business and nurture our brand. We want our people to thrive at Bolanature World and are committed to their professional and personal development and to simply ensuring that Bolanature World is a great place to work.

We also seek to maintain a diverse workforce in which the different contributions made by all employees and researchers, through the variety of their personalities, experiences, researches and perspectives, creates a stimulating and rewarding working environment. Having colleagues from many different backgrounds gives us deeper insights into consumer needs and enhances our relationships with all our stakeholders.

  • Personal Care
    • Bolanature Herbal Anti-Bacterial Soap
    • Bolanature Black Soap (Organic African Black Soap)
    • Bolanature Organic Liguid Soap (Home Care)
    • Bolanature Clean shaving Soap
  • Agribusiness
    • Cultivating Medicinal Herbs for health and well-being of customers and practicing Agricultural value chain to contributing to the social economic development of Africa.

We are working towards addressing the challenges the world faces by that extending our footprint is needed and want investor to join us on this journey as we making impacts; together we can make the world a better place!

Bolanature World is committed to serving the best interests of our investors. With its strategies, we aims to consistently create powerful security and steady returns based on our performance and through continuous improvement.

This portal will serve as a medium for information dissemination for our investors, shareholder and other stakeholders on the activities of the company, as part of strategies designed to serve investors better by keeping them abreast of development in our world.

We want to build a strong platform for growth through investing in our business and brands. We made local distribution while doubling the size of our business, creating a business that resells, beneficial, market itself and closer to the consumers.

We are transparent and authentic, running our program based on trust. Everyone at Bolanature sells or understands how they can help sell. We are passionate about ensuring our products are available where consumers want them.

We work to deliver amazing consumer experiences and to extend our sales reach.

Working with our partners to make the change in the communities for sustainability and to improve on our practices, and responsible sourcing of our materials reach while given back to the community.

Volunteer and partners with us today and together we shall make the world better.

  • Africa’s Young Entrepreneurs of Nigeria -AYEEN
  • Young Africa’s Leaders Initiative -YALI
  • Centre for Community Empowerment& Sustainable Dev (CESDEV)
  • Future Builder foundation For Children Health and Foundation
  • Strategy and Innovation for development Initiative -SI4DEV
  • Life at Bolanature
    • At Bolanature our people are key to maintaining and sustaining our vision of going green for enriching lives. We are committed to maintaining our standard, we are looking for entrepreneur, innovator, and genius, and above all we employ people with vision, integrity and highly skilled team.
  • Our Values
    • Customer Focused: We understand that we exist to serve and satisfy our customers.
      Excellence: We strive to be the best and continuously offer excellent products and services to our valuable customers and maximize return to all stakeholders as teamwork and regards.
      Entrepreneurship: We continuously seek and develop new business, methods to retain our market leadership.
      Leadership: We strive on being leaders in our business, markets and communities. In order to acquire this, we focus on continuous improvement on our brands, partnership and standard level.
      Integrity: We steadfastly adhere to ethical principles and professional standards at our world.
      Nature: We are inspired by the purity of nature and explore nature’s abundant wealth.
  • Jobs Archive
    • The Bolanature World offers numerous opportunities to professionals in various fields purposely in solving unemployment rate in or our nation. Our recruitment process is geared towards recruiting highly skilled, semi-skilled or experienced team for the Group. If you would like to join our team, please fill in your details below. Even if we are not currently hiring due to one reason or the order, you can go ahead and submit for future considerations. Thanks!